• DSMZ and P.H.A.G.E. are cooperating in order to establish a Therapeutic Phage Bank, a collection of phages being in focus of potential application.
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P.H.A.G.E. Who we are

We are an international non-profit organization to support phage research and phage therapy in Europe.

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Literature For Expert Reading

Our collection of Literature can surely interest you.

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P.H.A.G.E. How we work

Want to know more about PHAGE as non-profit organization...

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Expert round table on acceptance and re-implementation of bacteriophage therapy

This multidisciplinary expert panel opinion on bacteriophage therapy has been written in the context of a society that is confronted with an ever-increasing number of antibiotic resistant bacteria. To avoid the return to a pre-antibiotic era, alternative treatments are urgently needed. The authors aim to contribute to the opinion formation of relevant stakeholders on how to potentially develop an infrastructure and legislation that paves the way for the acceptance and re-implementation of bacteriophage therapy.